From its earliest days, Freemasonry has been involved in charitable activities,
and since its inception it has provided support for many widows and orphans of
Freemasons as well as for others within the community.

All monies raised for charity are drawn from amongst Freemasons, their families and friends,
while grants and donations are made to Masonic and non-Masonic charities alike.

Freemasonry has an enviable record of providing regular and consistent financial support to individual charities over long periods while at the same time making thousands of grants to local charities,
appeals and projects throughout England and Wales each year.

Over the past five years alone Freemasonry has raised
more than £75m for a wide range of charitable purposes
including those involved in medical research, community care,
education and work with young people.

Paternoster Lodge has over the same period donated more than
£27,000 to various charities.

In 2007 our chosen charities were;
The Francis House Children's Hospice, Cave Rescue
& The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institute.
total of £5170 was shared between these three Charities.

£2950 was divided between The Sobell House Hospice,
The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institute
& The Masonic Samaritan Fund in 2008.

2009 was a super year for our Lodge and we were able to raise £13,435. The Cancer Care Unit, The Masonic Grand Charity & Help for Heroes benefited from the efforts of our fundraisers.

In 2010 The London Masons (Metropolitan Grand Lodge) set up an appeal to raise £3 million, to purchase a CyberKnife for Bart’s Cancer Centre at St Bartholomew’s Hospital. In January of the same year an earthquake struck near Port au Prince, Haiti. 220k people perished, over 3 million people were affected.
Demelza House Childrens Hospice, the CyberKnife appeal & The Haiti appeal were all beneficiaries of the £3950 raised for charity in that year.

Help for Heroes, Cancer Research & the CyberKnife appeal saw £3850 being made available from our Lodge in 2011. The Lodge became a vice patron to the CyberKnife appeal in January 2012

In the years 2007 - 2012 Paternoster Lodge had raised & donated a total of £27,335. This doesn't include personal fundraising carried out by many individual members & their wives which may not be recorded by the Lodge Charity Steward.

Boxing Day 2012 saw a special fund raising event; W.Bro. Mike Fahy took part in the Deal beach dip and raised over £1000 in aid of Autism & PoTS

The MMC (Metropolitan Masonic Charity) Cyberknife appeal captured the imagination of many, as did the CT Scanner for the Royal London Hospital. Funds came from all directions including other Masonic Orders. The MMC CyberKnife and the CT Scanner are now in place and are fully functioning and saving lives and London Freemasons should be very proud of this and should happily tell friends and families what we have achieved.

In September 2013 Paternoster Lodge achieved 'Patron' level for donations made.

The MMC however does not stand still. The charity has made a number of smaller donations to various non masonic London charitable causes. One of these charities is the Magic Breakfast which supplies breakfast to children who for whatever reason fail to have a breakfast prior to their school day starting. To have children hungry in our local area, and for us to stand by and do nothing runs, in my mind, against our principles.

Each year the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys supports around 2,000 children and young people of Masonic families.

All of these children have experienced a life-changing event that has led to financial hardship for their family.

For children and young people that have suffered grief in their life through the loss of a parent or loved one
there is a wonderful charity that offers help through one day workshops to help understand that grief.


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